Little Bears baby and toddler group

Message from a local Little Bears Group:

Little Bears is a baby and toddler group held at Beare Green Village Hall on Fridays from 10-12 (in term time only). Please come along and enjoy plenty of activities for your little one, and a chance to meet other mums. There is always a craft table, a soft area for babies, a reading area, and lots of activities and toys for toddlers. We have storytime with a drink and biscuit, and singing. Mums and Dads can have a coffee and a biscuit too!

Little Bears has a Facebook page too, check it out.


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Playbuilder Projects: Winning Designs Announced

After many months we finally have a winner. Playdale, the company behind the winning designs, for Beare Green, has produced a great play area design. Beare Greenians from Mole Valley have chosen the winning designs for the new Beare Green play facility.

More than 170 votes were cast online in the final round of consultation, which asked residents to pick their favourite designs.

Our new design features an aerial runway, a log climber and a tower with a tube slide. Bushes, plants and trees will surround the playground too.

Whilst all ages can enjoy the new playgrounds, much of the equipment is designed for 8-13 year-olds.

Surrey councillor Chris Reynolds, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said:

“The Council would like to thank everyone who voted in the consultation. Its members have not only been raising additional funds for the Ashtead scheme but have also helped us during the consultation process.

“The winning designs look fabulous; I can’t wait for the playgrounds to be built. These projects are all about the wellbeing of children in Ashtead, Beare Green and the surrounding areas. The benefits of the playgrounds are irrefutable: they will help local children to lead happier, healthier lives.”

A start date for the building work will be announced soon. (1.3MB)


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Autumn composting the easy way

Home composting bin

In an effort to manage Surrey’s waste in the most efficient, economic and sustainable way possible, the Surrey county council launched a home composting message and since then they’ve sold nearly 3,000 bins.

This time of year is in fact a great time to start composting as people may be starting their pre-winter clean up, especially in leafy Beare Green, and rather than putting leaves etc into rubbish bins, composting them is an attractive alternative.

Apparently making compost is simple; family waste such as empty cereal packets and egg boxes; fruit scraps and vegetable peelings; tea bags and coffee grounds, are in fact great ingredients to make compost. Mix this in with garden waste and you have the perfect recipe. I say apparently because I’ve never composted myself.

To help me get started, the Surrey Waste Partnership is offering home composting bins at great prices, starting from £14.00 (RRP £39.00). Seems like a good deal?

Whilst not an avid gardener (my wife is) I will invest in a bin. Once I get going with composting I’ll write more about my experience. I’d be interested to hear from you if you already make compost or whether you plan to? Please drop a note below.

Composting leaves

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Holmwood Station

Holmwood station in Beare Green is a gem. It’s our main public transport service for local and near local residents. Whilst the frequency of service to low (not necessarily a bad thing), we do need to give the station the attention it deserves.

The station is served by Southern Railway. As a member of Southern’s Passenger Panel I’m asked to report back to Southern’s management on train services. Recently, I was asked for feedback on ways to improve the service and I’d like to focus on the station.

How do you find the service in general? How do you find the station (Holmwood)? Are there ways it can be improved? If so, what suggestions do you have?

I’d love to hear back from you.


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Sort after Beare Green

House for sale: courtesy of dkodigital (

House for sale: courtesy of dkodigital (

I recently had the pleasure displeasure of having to re-mortgage my house. Fortunately my broker, a local agent, pretty much takes care of all the details sparing me from the frustration of paper work. I could be accused of being a little lazy for not taking more of an interest.

Anyway, whilst there (with my broker) they suggested that I could start thinking about upgrading, for example move to a bigger house. I started asking questions trying to get a sense of what I could get with the extra money I could borrow against accrued equity. My broker turned to the local estate agent to enquire, however, it was obvious that there were not many houses for sale in Beare Green despite the contrary in other local areas. The agent also happen to mention that they’d had quite a few enquiries about Beare Green so there is certainly outside interest.

Here’s my theory. Beare Green residents rather enjoy where they live and love Beare Green. So much so they are not prepared to leave.

What do you think?

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Safer neighbourhood policing newsletter: Tagging local graffiti

View document here

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That’s the spirit (Community).

I’ve just read an article from, Home Matters, where our village members, Julie Beach (Area Housing Manger), Adrian Birtchnell (Community Warden) and Mandy Eggleton (Housing Management Support Officer), have been working with other residents of Beare Green to improve their neighbourhood.

It reads that the community clear up afternoon was held and was a great success.

Residents of Beare Green are also hoping to form a residents group. If you would like to join, please contact Julie Beach on 01306 505514.

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